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Art Direction
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In developing the brand identity for THE LODGE – a unique and sophisticated venue that combines an exclusive car storage, an art gallery, a cafĂ© and an event space – we faced the intriguing challenge of developing a versatile brand identity that would integrate each unique function while preserving their individual appeal. A brand that could seamlessly adapt to the various activations within the venue while at the same time ensuring that each activation felt integral to the broader, cohesive narrative of THE LODGE.
We chose a clean, minimalist approach to reflect the uniqueness of the concept and ensuring the sophistication of the brand didn’t overshadow the unique character of each space.
Attention to detail was crucial. We crafted comprehensive branding guidelines, which meticulously outlined the application of the brand identity across various mediums and spaces, including signage, interior design, and online platforms, to ensured a consistent and coherent visual language.
The logo and visual identity were designed to capture the venue’s essence: a blend of elegance, exclusivity, and contemporary minimalism. We also introduced a bespoke typeface that complemented this ethos, chosen for its modernity and simplicity.
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