Idea Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Taste Maze is a food truck park concept featuring a diverse array of carefully curated vendors.
When developing the brand identity, the challenge was to capture the dynamic and eclectic nature of the concept, creating a visual language that was adaptable yet recognizable, able to support various gastronomic experiences and other potential future activations.
The name “Taste Maze” was born from the idea of finding yourself in a place that is full of surprises, navigating through a complex yet exciting array of culinary offerings. “Taste” speaks directly to the sensory experience central to the platform, while “Maze” suggests the intricate paths of discovery that await visitors.
The idea of a maze as a concept for the food truck park not only provides many opportunities of different designs for the spatial distribution of the food trucks, but also allows flexibility to expand into other non-food related activations (children play areas, youth centres, etc).
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