Idea Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Our journey with PISTACHOUX began in the most personal of spaces, Natasha Daoud’s home kitchen, where her passion for pastry first translated into the exquisite creations that would define PISTACHOUX.
The genesis of the name PISTACHOUX derives from Natasha’s personal narrative and a playful take on the French word for choux pastry, “choux,” which is central to her culinary repertoire.
This naming process was emblematic of our broader approach: deeply collaborative and intensely personalised. We drew inspiration from Natasha’s story and passion for pastry, and the very essence of her creations, to craft a brand identity that was as unique and refined as the pastries she bakes.
In extending the brand’s reach beyond the kitchen, we designed custom packaging that not only preserves the integrity of the pastries but also carries the essence of PISTACHOUX into people’s homes.
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