Idea Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Product Design
Molten started as a small chocolate concept but quickly evolved into a vibrant café/flower shop, serving specialty coffee and beverages alongside their signature chocolates.
We were approached by the founders to provide a comprehensive rebranding in support of their expanded identity and new offerings. Our role spanned from conceptualizing the logo, designing the packaging, and crafting a cohesive look and feel for their café, ensuring a unified and distinctive brand experience.
The logo and bespoke typeface, in English and Arabic, were designed to be both timeless and modern, reflecting Molten’s new aspirations, and they were incorporated into every aspect of Molten’s visual and written identity, and on all branding materials, from packaging to in-store signage.
Packaging design, in particular, was a critical element of our collaboration. Each piece of packaging was thoughtfully designed to elegantly present Molten products, to enhance their brand and turn every product unwrapping into a memorable experience.
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