Idea Development
Creative Direction
Product Design
Maserati entrusted us with the creative direction and branding placement of their Trofeo race in Abu Dhabi.
Facing an incredibly tight deadline, we delivered a complete creative direction for the event, covering all aspects from animation pieces and signage to printed materials, guaranteeing a cohesive and captivating experience to not only meet but exceed Maserati’s high standards and the expectations of an elite audience.
The successful branding of the Trofeo race led to a broader collaboration with Maserati, extending our partnership to the brand’s sponsorship of Art Dubai.
For Art Dubai, instead of merely showcasing their vehicles near the exhibition spaces — a common practice in such sponsorships — we envisioned Maserati as an active participant in the art fair. Our proposal was to commission an abstract sculpture inspired by Neptune and its trident, a powerful symbol from the Maserati logo, bridging automotive excellence and the arts.
Our work with Maserati highlights our agency’s versatility and our ability to see beyond the conventional scopes of branding and event sponsorship, bridging automotive excellence and the arts.
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