Idea Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
In line with its minimalist design, the branding strategy for Keymoto was carefully calibrated to avoid overwhelming the senses, instead aiming to draw the observer into a deeper appreciation of the purity of the forms and the elemental beauty of the motorcycle.
Typography played a significant role in the branding strategy. We designed typefaces that could maintain a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, ensuring aesthetic harmony across English, Japanese, and Arabic typographies. This multilingual approach pays homage to Keymoto’s Japanese inspiration and showcases the brand’s international vision.
The colour palette and visual elements were inspired by the understated elegance inherent in Japanese design and the raw, powerful beauty of motorcycles. We employed a minimalist approach, with a focus on monochromatic red accents, a choice that reflects the motorcycle’s dynamism and passion.
Our branding efforts extended beyond the visual: from the way the motorcycle was recently displayed as a piece of art as part of the latest edition of DesignTO Festival in Toronto, to the crafting of custom merchandise, through a series of imagery and narrative that tell Keymoto unique story.
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