Idea Development
Creative Direction
Product Design
Our mission for House of Handsome, a high-end hair salon in Dubai, was to infuse every aspect of its branding with luxury and sophistication.
Understanding the premium nature of the salon and its clientele, we were mindful that every element of the branding, from the logo to the colour scheme and typography, needed to radiate a sense of refined elegance and unparalleled luxury.
The design of the salon’s interior mirrored these principles. We meticulously selected materials, textures, and colours that would create an ambiance of luxury and exclusivity, making every visit an experience in itself.
This philosophy extended to every aspects of the salon, where. even the smallest details were considered opportunities to reinforce the brand’s identity and values.
One of the standout features of our branding strategy for the House of Handsome was the design of the custom engraving of the their logo on all salon’s tools. This detail, though subtle, conveys a look of refined luxury, elevating the grooming experience to an art form.
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