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Visual Identity
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Product Design
When approached by one of the most ardent coffee enthusiasts in the region with the vision of establishing her own café and roastery, we recognised the significance of crafting a truly exceptional brand.
The brand was conceived with the intention of making a lasting impact on the local coffee scene in Abu Dhabi. Thus, the name “Echo” was chosen for the café, complemented by “The Echo Machine” for the roastery, emblematic of The Founder’s aspiration to send ripples of quality and excellence across the region.
From its inception, every facet of the brand was meticulously tailored and bespoke, reflecting a commitment to excellence and authenticity.
The decision to employ pastel colours was a bold move, offering a fresh, contemporary but at the same time warm and inviting look, that distinguishes Echo in a crowded marketplace.
We custom-designed handmade ceramic cups exclusively for Echo in collaboration with a Toronto-based ceramic studio, adding a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to the sensory experience.
Our commitment to detail extended to the packaging; take-away cups were carefully selected to align with the brand’s ethos, requiring international sourcing to meet our exacting standards. Similarly, coffee bags were custom-designed and produced, ensuring every aspect of the Echo experience was tailor-made and reflective of the brand’s unique identity.
The signage was another area where innovation played a key role. We crafted a signage that not only marked the space but also cast colour shadows on the floor, enhancing the branding details and enriching the visual experience for clients
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