Idea Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Product Design
For Dutchies, a unique beverages and Dutch treats concept, nestled in a container on a bustling beach in Dubai, our design strategy was deeply influenced by the concept’s beachside location.
We selected colours that would harmoniously interact with the sun’s glare and the reflective qualities of the water, ensuring the branding would stand out in the bright, dynamic environment of the beach.
This consideration was crucial, given the transient nature of beachgoers, who often stroll past without stopping. To capture their attention and invite them to experience the world of Dutchies, we created highly recognizable icons that encapsulated the brand’s Dutch heritage. These icons were designed to be instantaneously identifiable.
The overall branding, from the logo to the visual elements, was crafted to reflect the casual yet distinctive atmosphere of a beachside treat, blending the rich heritage of Dutch sweets with the laid-back vibe of Dubai’s shores.
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