Idea Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Our collaboration with DROP marked a pioneering venture into the bustling specialty coffee scene in Dubai, a market then largely dominated by major industry players. Recognizing the challenges and opportunities this landscape presented, we focused on building a brand that would educate the public about the nuanced world of specialty coffee, and be robust enough to earn consumer trust in a competitive market.
The genesis of the name “DROP” was inspired by the profound significance of every single drop in the specialty coffee experience, a testament to the idea that each drop of coffee holds an awakening of the senses, a unique journey of flavours and aromas that specialty coffee aficionados cherish.
This concept served as the cornerstone of our branding efforts, encapsulating the essence and attention to detail that defines the specialty coffee culture. The visual identity, messaging, and overall brand experience were meticulously crafted to reflect DROP’s pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence.
The success of DROP in Dubai set the stage for its expansion, propelling the brand to new heights and new locations, including the international coffee scene in London. DROP’s pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence.
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