Idea Development
Creative Direction
Our collaboration with BLACKSMITH Coffee began after they had established their branding.
Our role was to craft comprehensive branding guidelines and integrate their brand identity across various aspects of the business, from digital footprints to physical spaces, ensuring a uniform and impactful brand presence.
Once the branding framework was in place, we turned our attention to the physical space and the unique characteristics of their shop. Recognizing the opportunity presented by the abundant natural light filtering through the windows, we conceived an innovative shop signage design, consisting of 300 individual pieces artfully arranged on the storefront glass, creating a sophisticated and interactive display that transforms natural light into a dynamic component of the brand’s visual narrative.
We also designed the BLACKSMITH Coffee’s menu, crafting a layout that not only aligned with the aesthetic values of the brand but also enhanced the customer experience. Attention to detail extended to the design of takeaway cups, where we introduced copper foiling accents, a choice inspired by the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality.
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